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New Considerations?

In class i’ve noticed we are mostly exploring globalization as the sharing of ideas, goods, businesses and such but we havent exactly pondered what this means? its great that we can define globalization but what good does that do us if we dont understand the outcomes. this is why i really am enjoying the book, The Post-American World by fareed zakaria. in it he marvels about the “rise of the rest” here is a great exerpt from a cnn blog from his book:

“The tallest building in the world is now in Dubai. The world’s richest man is Mexican, and its largest publicly traded corporation is Chinese. The world’s biggest plane is built in Russia and Ukraine, its leading refinery is in India, and its largest factories are all in China….The biggest movie industry, in terms of both movies made and tickets sold, is Bollywood, not Hollywood. Even shopping, America’s greatest sporting activity, has gone global. Of the top ten malls in the world, only one is in the United States; the world’s biggest is in Dongguan, China.”

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