— Chris Cool blog

3 ?’s on Globalization

  1. What exactly is globalization? this is an important question as it not only tells us what globalization is, but how it will affect us. by being able to define it, i think we can better understand it and maybe even harness its powers for good.
  2. Is globalization good or bad? we need to understand what the outcomes of globalization are and how it will affect us. if its going to have positive outcomes, then great. but if for whatever reason it had negative consequences, maybe we should stop it? understanding the ways in which globalization will affect us, whether it be positive or negative, is most definitely vital
  3. Who does globalization affect? people deserve to know if globalization is going to affect them. if its not going to affect us then we have nothing to worry about. but on the other hand it could affect us greatly. in my opinion globalization will affect everyone and everything.